Here are all the list of fishes. The guide was really hot. It was also realy out here.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Picture Title Year Protagonists Director
PIC1.JPG Scrooge 1956 Uncle Duck (as himself) Belt Corvell
Smallmouthbass.jpg Scrooge II 1959 Uncle Duck (as himself) Tom Rodericks
PIC2.JPG Scrooge III 1967 Uncle Duck, Marty Elephant (thereselves) Cadny Rod
800px-Humpback stellwagen edit.jpg Scrooge IV 1977 Aunt Duck (as herself) Brice Bruceson
PIC3.JPG The Uncle Duck Show 1988 Uncle Duck (as himself) Gary Doves
Clownfish.jpg The Passover 1995 Der Loc` (as himself) Don Rodexians
Fish with worm1.jpg Snowrover 2000 Unown (?) Executive Rod
Giant jellyfish.jpg Christmas Carol: The Movie 2001 Simon Callow
(as Ebenezer Scrooge)
Jimmy T. Murakami
Showa+Koi.jpg Scrooge and Marley 2001 Dean Jones
(as Ebenezer Scrooge)
Fred Holmes
Female guppy (Poecilia reticulata).jpg Brer Rabbit's Christmas Carol 2002 Brer Rabbit
(as himself)
Al Guest
Example.jpg A Carol Christmas 2003 Tori Spelling
(as Carol Cartman)
Matthew Irmas
Home aqua 240 litres.png I'm Sorry I Haven't a Christmas Carol 2003 Ebenezer Scrumph
Channelcat1.jpg A Christmas Carol: The Musical 2004 Kelsey Grammer
(as Ebenezer Scrooge)
Arthur Allan Seidelman
Char 93267.jpg VeggieTales 2004 Mr. Lunt (as the selfish King and the Star)
Betta Fish.jpg The Northern Ballet Theatre presents A Christmas Carol 2005 Jeremy Kerridge
(as Ebenezer Scrooge)
Cleanupyo.jpg Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends 2005 Mr. Herriman
(voiced by Tom Kane, as himself)
Craig McCracken
Lauren Faust
Aquarium-Tank.jpg Chasing Christmas 2005 Tom Arnold
(as Jack Cameron)
Ron Oliver
Long Gar.JPG Annoying Christmas 2011 Orange voiced by Dane Boedigheimer Conrad Vertie
Char 56393.jpg The Christmas 2011 Gordon Con Rover
Char 58383.jpg Christmas Tree! 2011 Rhino as the christmas tree. Bordy Lacos
Char 93187.jpg What's Happening 2011 Bart and Eddie Gor Lamo`
Char 74526.jpg Reggie's Christmas Specials 2012 Reggie and Hank Gordon Lavino
Sad.jpg The Sad Story Ever 2012 Elephants Mel Blanc
Char 93270.jpg Leghorn Christmas 2012 N/A
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